Spirituality in Counseling

Freud believed a person needed to know the lowest depths of the soul to be acquainted with the dark forces that reside in each of us so that we are no longer enslaved by these forces that reside in us. – (Bettelheim, 1982)

Spirituality has been defined as ways of relating to God or the Transcendent that involves profound change during the course of one’s development as a person. Spirituality can be expressed as a belief that it is good to give of yourself, to be useful to others, and to make the world a better place

Meditation has long been used in Eastern and more recently in Roman Catholic Religions. For many it is considered a form of prayer, while others use it to focus their mind from distractions.

Spirituality can be expressed as a relationship with the Transcendent . It can be experienced through art, music, nature, and creativity. Basically, spirituality is anything that brings you joy, hope, and coping.

Spirituality in counseling can be useful to clients. Two reasons religion and spirituality may be integrated into the treatment plan include:

  • Help the client to focus on how one’s spiritual and religious beliefs effects the issues being discussed.
  • Help client identify religious and spiritual resources to help in efforts to cope and heal.

In my practice, spirituality is incorporated into treatment when requested by the client. Contact me today by email, or call 610-220-4202 for an appointment or more information.

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